Understanding the Types of Video Surveillance

When it comes to protecting properties and deterring criminals, one of the best ways to keep a site safe is by using security cameras. However, there are many different types of video surveillance and it’s important to choose the one that works best for your situation.

By understanding more about these different types, how they work, and what they offer, you can choose the right protection for your business.

The Different Types of Video Surveillance Cameras

There are many different types of security cameras. To choose the right ones, you’ll want to know more about each type and then apply this information to your situation. Each property is unique and each one has its own security challenges. What works perfectly at one site may not be the best option for another site. Understanding this is the key to choosing the right security. When it comes to different camera types, there are many options. Some of the most popular include:

Dome cameras

One advantage to dome cameras is that the dome makes it difficult for anyone to see which direction the camera is facing while also making it tougher to tamper with the camera. These cameras often feature 360-degree rotation.

Bullet cameras

These are long cameras that are capable of seeing far distances. They are often used outdoors and have casings that are resistant to water, dust, dirt, etc.

Pan Tilt & Zoom (PTZ) cameras

These cameras can be controlled by the person who is monitoring them. They can be moved up-down-left-right and feature optical zoom to allow the person monitoring the property to see more of the situation.

Night vision cameras

These cameras are designed to capture footage at night and in other low-light conditions. They typically use infrared light, thermal imaging, or a hybrid combination of both technologies to get clear footage at night.

Network connected cameras

Cameras that are connected to the internet can be watched remotely from nearly anywhere. Depending on the setup, they can be viewed on tablets, phones, and computers, or they can be watched 24/7 by staff at a central monitoring station.
You’ll also want to choose between wired and wireless cameras. Wired cameras must be hardwired into your setup, but they don’t require batteries, wireless internet, etc. On the other hand, wireless cameras can be installed nearly anywhere, and this could mean that you’ll be able to see parts of your property that you wouldn’t be able to view with a wired camera. You will, however, need a strong and stable wireless internet connection.

Types of Video Surveillance Services

In addition to choosing the right video surveillance cameras, it’s also important to choose the right service. That’s because different services and different strategies have different levels of effectiveness. For instance, cameras that are not monitored typically only serve to capture evidence of a crime that has already happened. These cameras tend not to deter criminals because they know they can cover their faces and leave the scene before anyone can react.

Cameras that are monitored remotely can be more effective, but it’s important to recognize that there are different types of monitoring. Passive monitoring takes two typical forms. In one form, an individual monitors their own property. For instance, a business owner might want to watch over their business using their phone or computer.
In these situations, they will typically receive alerts from motion detectors and other tools, and then check the live feed when they receive a notification.

This role can also be handled by a monitoring station. However, if the station staff is not watching live, they will only be able to react to crimes in progress. They won’t be able to stop suspicious situations from turning into crimes.

With live remote monitoring, security agents are watching the site 24/7. This means they can spot unexpected or usual activity (such as a stranger lurking outside a gate) and respond to it immediately (usually by communicating with the property via two-way speakers). This can stop situations from turning into crimes and deter criminals from striking.

For more information on live remote monitoring, the types of video surveillance cameras that work best with this service, and much more, please contact Trilect Security today.