Alarm installation

From residential to commercial, we have solutions to fit your needs

Our team of home security experts has decades of experience in home alarm installation and understands what it takes to keep your loved ones and valuables safe.

We design and install home alarm systems customized to the needs of our clients. Whether you live in a family home or an apartment in a residential building, our home alarm solutions provide the flexibility to meet all your needs.

Why install an alarm?

In these uncertain times, Auckland’s safety concerns have heightened. To safeguard businesses and homes, taking proactive measures is crucial.

That’s where a reliable alarm system comes in—it’s a proactive step towards enhancing security and ensuring the safety of everyone under its watch. For businesses, the alarm system acts as a stalwart guardian, protecting valuable assets and sensitive information. As a homeowner, you can find solace in knowing that your loved ones and cherished belongings are shielded by this vigilant deterrent.

Should any unauthorized entry or suspicious activity arise, rest assured that the alarm system will swiftly alert authorities, contributing to a safer and more secure environment for you and your family.

Enhanced Security

Alarm systems provide a reliable layer of protection, deterring potential intruders and reducing the risk of break-ins for both homes and businesses.

Peace of Mind

Having an alarm system in place offers reassurance and peace of mind, knowing that loved ones, employees, and valuable assets are safeguarded, even during times of absence.

Quick Response

In the event of an unauthorized entry or security breach, alarms trigger immediate notifications to authorities, enabling swift responses to potential threats.

Crime Prevention

The presence of an alarm system acts as a visible deterrent, discouraging criminals from targeting the protected property, creating a safer environment for occupants.

What can an alarm do for you?

Alarm services typically include a range of offerings aimed at providing comprehensive security solutions for homes and businesses. Some common alarm services include:

Intrusion Detection: Installing sensors and detectors to detect unauthorized entry or suspicious activity, such as door and window contacts, motion sensors, glass break detectors, etc.

Mobile App Integration: Enabling remote monitoring and control of the alarm system through mobile applications, providing users with real-time alerts and the ability to arm or disarm the system remotely.

Panic Buttons and Duress Alarms: Installing panic buttons or duress alarms that can be discreetly activated in case of emergencies, summoning immediate assistance.

Environmental Monitoring: Adding sensors to monitor environmental factors like temperature, humidity, and water leaks, ensuring early detection of potential hazards.

Integration with Home Automation: Integrating the alarm system with home automation features, allows users to control various smart devices and security settings from a central platform.

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